AtEdge is a comprehensive marketing program that is recognized by art buyers and creative professionals as innovative, reliable, and unique.

Promoted across the United States, Canada and parts of Europe, the AtEdge marketing program revolves around five fast and flexible books, a cutting-edge website, exclusive face-to-face networking events, robust e-marketing, and quarterly campaign updates… all supported with prominent trade advertising and industry sponsorships.

Online, in print and face-to-face, AtEdge offers a constant stream of innovative marketing opportunities that connects you with leading creative buyers in a variety of ways.

[numblock num=”1″ style=”3″]BY INVITATION ONLY
Participation in AtEdge is limited to a hand-picked group of 155 photographers. Each one has been invited into the program because his or her body of work exhibits both excellence and independence.[/numblock]

[numblock num=”2″ style=”3″]FIVE BOOKS A YEAR
There are four little books (Microviews) plus one bigger book (Macroview). Each photographer has a feature spread in all five publications (ten pages total).[/numblock]

[numblock num=”3″ style=”3″]AT-EDGE.COM
The AtEdge program includes 300 images that you can organize into specialized portfolios (also supports the presentation of video/motion clips).[/numblock]

AtEdge is used by top photography buyers and art directors throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Regular email blasts to thousands more creatives around the world attract new subscribers to the books and drive qualified traffic to[/numblock]

[numblock num=”5″ style=”3″]FACE-TO-FACE EVENTS
AtEdge hosts intimate, bi-annual networking events that give you exclusive access to top art buyers and art directors.[/numblock]

[numblock num=”6″ style=”3″]ATEDGE CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT
Creatives all over the world subscribe to AtEdge Campaign Spotlight to see what the most talented photographers have been shooting most recently. This quarterly e-newsletter lets you show off your latest commercial projects.[/numblock]

[numblock num=”7″ style=”3″]ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIPS
AtEdge secures premier advertising space with publications and websites that are regularly seen by creative buyers around the world. Prominent industry sponsorships enhance the visibility of AtEdge.[/numblock]